Petpal is an internet portal run by Modern Ways Limited.  Through this site we aim to sell high-quality pet products to customers in Nairobi and beyond.  We sell the popular UK petfood brands Wagg and Harringtons as well as a range of other products related to pets and petfood.  These include pet odour deodorisers and rodent control products.  As we find products that we are happy with ourselves we will include them on the site so customers can also buy them easily and safely.

How it works

You buy your products online, we organise delivery to your door – it is that simple!  No longer loading big heavy bags of dogfood into supermarket trolleys or scouring the shelves for your favourite brand.  Simply order and pay throught this portal and we will make sure the products are delivered to your door.  Antipest has been in business for over 40 years and we guarantee that what you buy is what you get!

Our Clients

From domestic customers in Nairobi to security company dog sections and farms across the country, Wagg has been a quality brand at an unbeatable price since 2012.  HArringtons has been recently introduced as a premium brand from the UK to complement the Wagg range.  We have made a commitment to keep our costs as low as possible and keep as few steps between us as the importer and you as the customer in providing the product – and what could be closer than your order being a mouse-click away from us!

We Love Pets

Many of us have pets that are part of the family.  They may dig up the plants and chew the wrong shoes but we want the best for them as you do!  We will not recommend products through this site that we have not first rigorously vetted and most of these products we use ourselves on a daily basis – so you can be assured that everything here is of excellent quality and you will be happy that you found us!  Our pets have never looked better and we aim for our customers to say the same!